36 Years of Famous Chicken

In 1984, Ezell’s Famous Chicken opened its first location in the Seattle area. Over 36 years later, the locally-owned family business has grown, while members of the founding family are still active and involved every day.

The story began when the family moved from Texas to Seattle. Shortly thereafter, they decided that they’d start a business making chicken like they used to back home in Texas.

Lewis Rudd and Faye Stephens saw their mission as simple: Provide FRESH and high-quality chicken and GOOD homemade side dishes, served with casual and courteous service.

After waiting six years for funding, the family opened the first store on February 3, 1984 in Seattle’s Central District at 501 23rd Avenue, across from Garfield High School. Since then, they have built the family business into a Pacific Northwest icon.

Family Founded, Owned and Operated

Since the very beginning, the founders of Ezell’s Famous Chicken knew they had a product that the public would love. Their recipes called for using high quality ingredients and preparing everything fresh daily. All they had to do was get customers to just try it once, and they would return for more.

Ezell’s Famous Chicken has become a household name in Seattle and developed a loyal following throughout the Pacific Northwest. Today, there are several locations, a dedicated catering division, and two mobile food trucks to serve the growing customer base.

What Makes Us Special?

Ezell’s Famous Chicken starts out using fresh, high quality chicken. We also use bigger birds – 3lb chickens instead of the typical 2lb chicken used by delis and other quick-serve restaurants.

The chicken is cut into eight pieces instead of the traditional nine pieces, giving customers more meat per portion. This is especially true for our famous extra large wing.

Ezell’s Famous Chicken cooks its chicken in 100% pure vegetable oil, which is low in cholesterol and saturated fats. The proprietary battering process seals in the natural chicken juices, while locking out the oils.

The spicy chicken is marinated for 24 hours using a New Orleans-style seasoning, ensuring you get the full flavor down to the last bite. A dash of cayenne pepper in the breading gives it a little extra zing on the tongue for a layered spicy flavor experience.

Taste the Ezell’s Difference Today!

36 Years And Counting

In 2019, celebrating our 35th anniversary, we produced a video to highlight our milestone and share our success with the community.

The Ezell's Team

Ezell’s Famous Chicken is a proud family of over 250 hard-working team members. Our company is led by the spirit and energies of our co-founders, and current leaders, Lewis Rudd and Faye Stephens.